Some Professional Ideas On Significant Elements For Shoes

*StockAdvisor returns as of April 3, 2017 The author(s) may have a position in any stocks mentioned. Continue Reading Below ADVERTISEMENT This video was recorded on April 21, 2017. Chris Hill: We'regoing to go to our man, Steve Broido,behind the glass. Also joining us this week,special guestKeith Fredrickson visiting from New York City. [applause] Thanks for coming by, Keith! All right, Jason Moser, you're up for,Steve will hit you with a question. What's on your radar this week? Jason Moser: Sticking with the health theme,looking atBoston Beer,ticker is SAM. Hill: [laughs] I'm sorry, the "health theme"? Moser: Well,it makes you feel good. We've really talked a lot about the headwinds that they've beenfacing in the craft industry, as more and more craftbrewers pop up around the country,and I don't think that threat is abating anytime soon.

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